Enghouse Interactive Bringing Emotional Intelligence to your Customer Service

Effectively Handling Moments of Truth

How to provide good customer service at the age of interuption

Most people are looking for effortless customer service. According to historical figures given by Donald E Wetmore from the Productivity Institute, the average person gets one interruption every 8 minutes which equates to 50-60 for every working day. If people are constantly interrupted they will increasingly want and expect their own issues and concerns to be resolved rapidly and without hassle.

So what does all this mean for businesses? The clear implication is that they need to start evaluating the emotional content of their interactions with customers but also how the emotions of these interactions impact with their engagement with the business.

This whitepaper explores how organisations can start to develop the emotional intelligence they need to deliver a positive customer experience and use it to survive and thrive in today's challenging business environment.

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In this white paper you will learn:

  • What exactly does "emotional intelligence" mean?
  • Why empathetic customer communication is so important in the contact center
  • How you can "pick up" customers according to their emotional mood
  • What you should bear in mind when dealing with customers in an industry-specific manner
  • How contact center agents can reliably convey competence to their customers
  • How real-time information for your team can contribute to customer satisfaction
  • How to set the course for lifelong customer loyalty in "Moments of Truth".
  • How your customers can interact with you anytime and anywhere via Unified Communications
  • What role real-time speech analytics can play in increasing customer satisfaction