Customers are the lifeblood of your organisation and should be at the heart of everything your employees do and should not solely be the concern of those in the front line of your organisation.  It's only when every employee defines their actions by the impact they have on the customer experience, can you consider yourself a truly Customer Centric Enterprise.

At Enghouse Interactive we believe there are three pillars supporting the Customer Centric Enterprise.

  1. Connected Enterprise - Brings your entire organisation together
  2. Optimised Customer Access - Intelligently opens your organisation through to customer channel of choice
  3. Proactive Customer Engagement - Creates new level of customer engagement 

Read the full article by Jeremy Payne, Enghouse Interactive, Group VP Marketing and Alliances, to learn that by putting these pillars in place you can enable your employees to fully engage with your customers and become a truly customer centric enterprise.

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