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The French expression plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, (the more things change the more they stay the same) has never seemed more apt than when applied to today’s customer service. 

Enghouse Interactive recently surveyed and analysed the view and opinions of 1,000 UK consumers – and then compared the results with a similar survey carried out in 2014 around customer service trends. 

Two main points stood out. 

The first was how much more sophisticated we have become when it comes to using online communications and how ready we are to use these channels to engage with a business compared with three years ago.

And yet, the second point is that our desire for a timely response by knowledgeable staff hasn’t altered – we still get irritated at getting passed around from pillar to post or being “fobbed off” when no-one comes up with an intelligent answer.  Also, despite the current focus on self-service, there are, in every age group, a large number of people who prefer to speak to a real person when they have a problem; in fact, we appear to value this facility more than ever.

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