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The Robots are Coming


The webinar was well attended with interactive with the audience. 

An interesting question asked was "What percentage of your contact centre could be automated?"

The audience on the webinar identified that it would be between 40% - 60% which we believe is slightly on the high side. As there isn't an one size fits all approach to automation due to the variation on the customer base and nature of the business. 

Another area highlighted that the rapid rise of automation makes a lot of customer service jobs vulnerable to replacement by robots. But in many cases companies need to be cautious they are not only deploying automation for the benefit of the business but rather for the benefit of the customer.

Throughout the webinar, we identified that robots are not good at empathy, broken processes and non-standard problems, the things that we deal with in contact centres every day.

Please download the recording now and do not hesitate to contact Enghouse Interactive to learn more about how Robots are impacting the contact centre.

Jonty Pearce

Call Centre Helper

Editor at Call Centre Helper

Jeremy Payne

Group VP Marketing & Alliances 

Enghouse Interactive

Adrian Swinscoe

Customer Engagement, Experience and Service Consultant