This page defines the Enghouse Interactive policy with relation to the Communications Center Lifecycle

Version Support Matrix for Communications Center

Effective from August 2020

Communications Center

Product Lifecycle Policy

*Users of CC (or UCB) 9.1 & older must contact their Enghouse partner / provider account manager immediately to discuss their continued support if they have not already done so. 

Enghouse support may be available for a further 6 month grace period on negotiation.
All versions older than 8.0 (that is, version 7.1 and earlier) qualify for online/pre-negotiated support only.

Important End of Sale and End of Life Announcements

The following module licenses reached End of Sale with the release of Communications Center v10.0:

  • Agent Desktop
  • Executive Desktop (Corus Desktop)
  • Executive Insight (Desktop for Outlook, “D4O”)
  • UC Mobile (Executive Mobile)
  • Console (this application predates TouchPoint Console)

This has the following implications:

  • Versions after 9.1 are unable to support Console or Desktop(Agent, Executive, or inside Outlook)
  • Customers remaining on v9.1 using Desktop licenses may continue to purchase additional Desktop licenses, however UC/Executive Mobile is no longer available on any version.
  • UC/Executive Mobile is no longer available in the app stores – please note there is currently no replacement for UC/Executive Mobile.
  • Desktop will become End of Life on the release of version 13.0. There will be no further support available.

Supporting Documentation

Communications Center Product Lifecycle Policy


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