Senses of Quality

A new survey from Enghouse Interactive polling the views of more than 200 senior employees in UK organisations reveals that many businesses are struggling to define quality customer service delivery, and thanks to cost and integration challenges, often failing to implement the necessary recording, monitoring and analytics tools to deliver it.  

Some of the highlights

Senses of Quality Survey
Keeping abreast of your operations

Nearly two-thirds of respondents said their business could not accurately forecast call volumes while the same percentage stated they could not leverage flexible scheduling processes.


Perhaps even more worryingly, 59% of the survey sample claimed their businesses could not produce reports that measure agent, contact centre, sales and support team performance. 


Just one third of businesses, 35% said they ‘can both monitor and evaluate the performance of our customer service agents on calls and also have structured processes in place to capture customer feedback on individual calls.’  


The findings of our survey gets to the heart of the problem with customer service delivery today, namely that it is very difficult to get a clearly defined view of what quality really means and therefore to find a single consistent approach that effectively delivers this to customers. Ultimately, quality is in the eye of the customer and often that means receiving fast, efficient service and an effortless way of interacting with the business.

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