WEBINAR: Thursday May 19, 2016 11AM - 12PM

Quality Management Suite

Emotional Intelligence in the Contact Centre

We all know the customer experience reigns supreme, but are your agents really listening to your customers? Best-in-class contact centers go above and beyond to ensure agents deliver efficient, memorable conversations, every time. Join us as we discuss how you can significantly enhance the overall customer experience with quality monitoring and soft evaluators bringing emotional intelligence in the contact centre.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  • Strategies to improve efficiency by evaluating agents
  • How to quickly identify training gaps and improve coaching
  • Methods for reducing liability and maintaining compliance
  • Tactics to boost agent skill levels, satisfaction, and retention
  • How to gauge emotional state of both agent and customer in real-time and handle appropriately 

Dougie McManus, CEO of Zinc Group, will take you through the potential of how quality monitoring, call recording and speech analytics solutions helped to ensure delivery of compliance and high quality service to customers.

Nigel Olding - Sr. Product Manager, Quality Management Suite Enghouse Interactive

Nigel has 20+ years’ experience in voice-orientated applications. As head of the Quality Management Suite, Nigel is responsible for understanding industry trends and bringing relevant product enhancements to market ensuring that the QMS Suite meets customer expectations and any changing market needs.

Dougie McManus, CEO, Zinc Group, said: “By using the soft evaluators we were able to identify which questions caused the highest stress levels on a live call. From this we changed the way in which we asked the question, ensuring that we treated the customer fairly and were sensitive to their needs. We believe this is a major step forward in the collections industry.”

Niels Richthof - Sr. Solutions Delivery Specialist, Enghouse Interactive

Niels has 15 years’ experience in the outbound voice and speech analytics space, spanning across several European markets. As Sr. specialist he is responsible for Professional Services for the outbound and speech analytics products.

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